Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Rucht Hour: Cthulhu Awakens!

The painting of Reaper Bones minis continues!

I've painted about six to seven Bones minis already - and three of them are of large size or above. So far, I've got the giant and dragon that have both been posted here.

Right now, I'm working on Cthulhu. I have to share this story with you guys…

I got Cthulhu via trade with Mik. He got some trollbloods, I got the Elder God. No big deal. Well, our buddy Andy comes over to visit that night and takes a gander at the model. That's the white, unbased picture below. Well, once Andy saw my prize…he almost wet himself. He couldn't believe it. He literally did a walk around of the entire model on the table. You would have thought I had just gotten a motorcycle.

Guys, if you like painting minis like this, I can't recommend Cthulhu enough. He's really big. His pose his great - he's poised in mid-stride - and he's even on a neat base. He's stepping off of a massive rune stone, in case you were wondering.

Now, as cool as his base was…I had to make it even cooler. With my trusty Dremel, I sawed off the base of the Elder God, leaving only the really cool rune stone. He'll be mounted on that base filled with fungi and maggots that I posted about earlier.

Anyhow, you guys will be the first to see the final product!

P.S. Note how I didn't base the model before painting it? They said you don't need to base your Reaper Bones minis and they were right! Amazing!


  1. You won't even have to roll dice for this monster...he'll win the fight, claw over tentacle. Nice work.

  2. Funny enough, I'm going to probably use him in a Pathfinder game. I'll post pics of it when I do. It will be a while, though. :)

  3. Nice work on a large looking figure. Dean