Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dark Angels Army Inventory

At this point I need to catalog everything I've got so far in building up my Dark Angels army, what's painted, what needs to be, and what unit and models are in house. I'm ball parking points values, little things may change here and there based on wargear and extra odds and ends. At the end of the Trucidos campaign we'll be fielding 2,000 point armies, so I need to know how far (or near!) I am to that end.


Captain 140pts
Terminator Squad 250pts
Tactical Squad A 200pts
Tactical Squad B 200pts
Assault Squad (needs basing) 250pts
Painted total: 1040pts

Unpainted (but assembled):

Company Master 200pts
Command Squad 140pts
*Interrogator-Chaplain 150pts
*Chaplain 125pts
**Land Raider Crusader
Dreadnought 125pts
Veteran Squad 250pts
Scout Squad 200pts
Tactical Squad C 200pts
Unpainted total: 1640pts

Total Points: 2680pts

Looking at this, umm, I'm done with my army! Woohoo! I'm glad I did this, because I had no idea where I sat. Mind you, that points total, as I said, was a guestimation, it may be a little lower, or higher, depending on wargear options. Plus, I'm nowhere near being finished, I've still got Rhinos to buy, at least one Librarian, and I'd love to have a couple of character models in Terminator armor. I'm also very deficient in the Heavy Support department; I think a Devastator squad packed into a Razorback, as well as a Predator tank would be nice too. Okay, I am finished with building my army for the upcoming campaign, I should clarify, anything else will be filed under future projects. For now though, I think focusing on painting, just painting (and making terrain!) is the key to my success here to fielding a nicely painted and fully realized Space Marine army, something I've always wanted to do, but never had done...until now. If I can just get all of the above battle-ready, I'll more than happy!

*edit: I completely forgot about my "spare parts" Chaplain, and I also have a higher ranked Interrogator-Chaplain too that just needs some minor tweaking to get up to battle readiness.

**edit dos: The local Hobbytown emailed out a fairly sweet coupon deal; 40% off a single item of $50 bucks or less. Well, I held the official rulebook in my hands, briefly, but put it down. I also had a box of Terminators in my hand, but looking at the above list, I'd say I have enough troops tp paint up (including Termies). I also had a Predator in my hands, but it was already cheap (relatively), so I went for the gusto and picked up a Land Raider.


  1. ...and yet you still can't put 500 points on the table. Tsk, tsk, tsk...