Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Boys of Delta Squad

"Listen up you apes! We got FNG's inbound and new weapons!"

My last post of equipping 3:16 troopers was a while back, and consisted mostly of the NPC's of Poseidon company in my little vision of the wide 3:16 'verse. Having a couple of live-fire missions under our belt now, here's the PC's of the campaign.

I'm still tweaking it as we go along, and visually, the troopers have been toned down just a tad. I wanted individuality for the players, but still look the part of a military unit. I've been using a lot of Alpha Team and Agents bodies, which have been great, but as I add more Space Police sets to the collection, they're gonna be the new standard.

These newer bodies are just too good; militant gray, printed backs and legs, obvious carapace armor all over...they look great. Another direction I wanted to go in was while at the same time unifying the look, I wanted players to feel they could personalize as much as possible for individuality. The first time around I used Insectoid helmets / shoulders, but (as in the rulebook) they obscured all the features that make a player human.

I've devised "types" of MandelBrite armor depending on the extremes of the environment. Most of the time the players will be in light (Type I) armor, allowing them to have personal affects, such as cowboy hats, hair pieces, and the like. Type II armor might call for the beefier shoulder armor, but still no bubble helmet needed (maybe gas masks), and of course Type III armor will be for poisonous environs or EVA activity.

Lieutenant Satan

The 'LT' gained a rank after his actions on Klimt. The unbridled freedom he has found in the Expeditionary Forces will carry him far. His weapon of choice is the sidearm, which he continues to upgrade for maximum carnage.

Trooper Out

Out communicates subvocally over the squad's comm system, his voicebox being ritually removed before he left Terra. Once a member of a monastic temple of assassins, Out now plies his deadly trade in the Expeditionary Forces. Preferring to engage his targets up close, his weapon of choice is the combat shotgun.

Trooper Buzz

This big Russian has seen action dirtside on both Klimt and Matisse. Good humored and dependable, Buzz is the type of trooper the Expeditionary Forces are built on. He has great affinity for his trusty M41a pulse rifle, and is never seen without it.

Trooper Jericho

Not interested in promotion, or even having synthskin to cover his cybernetic enhancements, Jericho is an enthusiastic, somewhat reckless force of nature on the battlefield. Equipped with the devastating heavy MG, he is always found where the fight is thickest.

Trooper Sockeye

Many a trooper has been saved at the last minute by a long distance sniper shot from Sockeye's energy rifle. Sockeye is often used in forward roles by his platoon, operating alone scouting enemy positions and engaging them as necessary.

Corporal Duke

Duke is a Delta Squad veteran, and has efficiently been the squad's corporal for some time. His E-Cannon has been modified beyond regulation specs and his kill counter totals post-missions have been some of the highest seen during this campaign.

The A.S.S. (adaptable statistics servo-droid)

I was toying around with the idea of having a robot for the squad to lug around, I still don't know. It sounds like the players are leaning towards a higher-tech campaign, so a walking 'bot may not be necessary. It would've provided field data, communications, and the like (and probably get blown up, eaten, crushed, and destroyed every mission).

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