Monday, March 7, 2011

Renegade Guardsmen

Two years ago I had an idea to do a 'traitor' Guard project, I even ran a poll. Last summer I posted a "where are they now?" missive, yet the non-Imperial sanctioned troopers continue to languish. I'm a bit offline right now, so this may be more of an eye-candy post. Anyway, here are the Discilian Apostates and the Sentrek Freemen.

The Apostates are pretty standard plastic Cadians, with the headswap exception. When I think "apostate", I think "hoods". The hooded heads are part of Westwind's Arthurian range and I think they fit pretty well. Above is a selection of the different heads.

Next up are the Sentrek Freemen, and when I think "freemen" I think beards and Hollywood Viking-horned helmets. 'Rag-tag' comes to mind as well. I went with Catachans for these guys, but instead of simple headswaps I went even further with conversions and parts/bits swapping. I really like the look I ended up with here.

Lots of WHFB bits are in this mix...

I didn't show off a lot of the Apostates because frankly if you've seen one hooded headswap Cadian, you've pretty much seen them all. With the Freemen however it came out where each figure is pretty much an individual.

There you go, a bunch of renegades taking up space in the "complete models" bits box.


  1. Thanks, they'll be even nicer if they ever get painted!

  2. Thanks for the images, convinced me to buy the pict heads - was googling for some already in guard conversions ; )

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ian, glad these were of some help!