Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There's a Queue for a Reason

Man oh man. I started this blog for a number of reasons, but one of them was personal, that's to keep me focused and on track with our hobby. I figure if I'm posting about my projects, I'll be holding myself to said projects. This year...not so much.

So looking back at January at the 'big queue' post I see a lot of ambition on my part and a lot of that (okay, all of it) has fallen by the wayside. However, I plan on putting this ship back on course and salvaging the second half of 2011!

Looking at 'the pile' it seems I've got about twenty, hahaha, yes twenty projects slated for myself. Fine, I'll start there, in no particular order mind you, but I will start there. I will put link to this queue under my annual totals on the right labeled as my "HUD". All right, let's see what half-baked schemes I've got myself into:
  1. Pulp Figures
  2. 15mm Sci-Fi Troops
  3. Space Orks
  4. Sons of Minos Space Marines
  5. The Karman
  6. 15mm FoW Brits
  7. Exo-suits for 28mm Mercs
  8. Tanks for the same 28mm Mercs
  9. Dino-Marines!
  10. Deathwatch Marines:
  11. Lord of the Rings Project
  12. A Dwarf PC figure for an RPG
  13. Another Spring Garden
  14. Imperial Guard troopers
  15. Sci-fi Greatcoat troopers
  16. A trio of Dark Angel rhinos
  17. Prehistorics
  18. 15mm Sci-Fi Terrain
  19. Hordes of the Things 6mm Orc Army
  20. Eli's 15mm Uhul and sci-fi alien figs
So like I said, in no particular order, I will tackle the items on this list in earnest. Oh yes, I shall.

[EDIT: I was going to try to track things here, but it was getting messy. I've embedded an official HUD Projects post here (same date as today) and will track the projects there. On the right under my 2011 totals I also have a link there to the new post. Thanks.]


  1. Impressive list, now get to painting! lol

  2. Heh, you say impressive, I say intimidating! Thanks for the encouragement though, I need it! Working on item #16 currently.

  3. > Oh yes, I shall.

    Oh yeah, right. ;-)

  4. Hey, I built in a loophole! You'll notice I didn't attach a time frame to anything!

  5. I never place time lines on my work, as it makes my painting and such messy. My OCD won't allow messy models !

  6. Glad to see I could spark some motivation - got you workin' on those rhinos eh! Plus when the rhino motivation arrives, some deathwatch components arrive too so hopefully that just motivates you some more! ;)

  7. WOW that is a pretty impressive list. I was doing lists like that but I found I tend to jump from project to project and usually end up skipping stuff on the list.

    I am now trying to do one thing a month but even that has been difficult LOL. Hopefully this month I won't let my Orcs and Goblins down.

  8. Oh yeah forgot to wish you good luck on your list, so Good Luck!

  9. Wow! That's very ambitious. There's still plenty of time, and think of all the fun you will have with finished doodz!

  10. Ah, so I shouldn't send you preview figs of the Uhul and my 15mm scifi aliens? :)

  11. Now that's one serious list! You're making me think that I should get off the computer and start doing some of my own painting sir. Every time I look through your blog I'm amazed at the incredible variety of minis that you have. Good luck with getting all of it done!

  12. @Loq: Some might say "nutty"! Bottomline you've hit dead center however...finished doodz!

    @Eli: What are you talking about? It's item #21 on the list! When they arrive in the mail I vow to you they will be the very next item I tackle!

    @Sin City Snowman: Thanks for the kind words and certainly for the extra luck, and yes, it is a sacrifice but it's time for me to put down the XBox controller for a while...

    @Meatball: Thanks man! Still looking forward to your giant spider of doom!

  13. But you cannot field the giant spider until the third battle.


  14. ...and it has to be a chick!

  15. I like this little roundup! I think I'll do something similar to get my various projects under the same roof...

    Looking forward to you knocking these off one by one. :)

  16. Thanks Martin! It is nice to line it all up, kind of give you an idea of how deep the quicksand is. I'll try to oblige in the knocking off o said projects...check back tomorrow for the first one.